Informational Letters

The Iowa Medicaid Enterprise publishes provider bulletins called Informational Letters that are necessary to clarify and explain new and existing program and policy. All Informational Letters published after Aug. 15, 2016, include a modifier after the Informational Letter number that designates which program(s) the Informational Letter applies to. The modifiers are: MC for Managed Care, FFS for Fee-for-Service and D for Dental. To see all Informational Letters access the links below which are sorted by year of publication. For more information see IL 1710.

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Iowa Medicaid Informational Letters



Letter # NameIssue DateEffective DateKeywords Count
IL 2226-MC-FFS Discontinuation Of Gd Modifier04/02/2021Upon Receipt 1
IL 2225-MC-FFS-CVD Covid-19 Vaccines03/26/202104/01/2021 1
IL 2224-MC-FFS-D-CVD Asynchronous Teledentistry03/15/202104/01/2021 1
IL 2223-MC-FFS Integrated Health Home Per Member Per Month Change03/09/202107/01/2021 1
IL 2221-MC-FFS Signatures On Home Health Orders02/26/202103/01/2021 1
IL 2222-FFS Monoclonal Antibodies Information02/25/2021Upon Receipt 1
IL 2217-FFS-D Transition Of Children’S Medicaid Dental Benefit To Prepaid Ambulatory Health Plan (Pahp)02/25/202107/01/2021 1
IL 2220-MC-FFS Integrated Health Home (Ihh) Documentation Of Eligibility Requirements02/24/202107/01/2020 1
IL 2219-MC-FFS Medicaid Now Available To All Eligible Cofa Adults02/23/2021Upon Receipt 1
IL 2218-FFS Monoclonal Antibodies Information02/23/2021Upon Receipt 1