Informational Letters

Iowa Medicaid sends out letters called Informational Letters, or ILs. These letters help explain new and old rules about healthcare. Starting from August 15, 2016, all ILs have a special code after the number to show which healthcare program they talk about.

The codes are:

  • MC for Managed Care
  • FFS for Fee-for-Service
  • D for Dental
  • CVD for Coronavirus Disease.
Below, you can see the ten latest Informational Letters. If you want to find other letters, you can use the search box. You can also do a more advanced search by clicking "Search Provider & Program Key Words/Year." If you want to see letters about COVID-19, choose "COVID-19" under "Provider Topics."


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Iowa Medicaid Informational Letters


Letter # NameIssue DateEffective DateReplaced By
IL 2570-MC-FFS Long Term Servies And Supports (Ltss) Learning Management System (Lms) Training04/19/2024Upon Receipt
IL 2576-MC-FFS New Vaccine For Children (Vfc) Program Code04/04/2024Varies
IL 2575-MC-FFS Updated Respiratory Syncytial Virus (Rsv) Vaccine Codes04/04/2024Varies
IL 2574-MC-FFS Arpa Hcbs R&R Grant Reporting04/02/2024Immediately
IL 2578-FFS-D Update Regarding Pharmacy System Issues03/28/2024Immediately
IL 2572-MC-FFS Iowa Medicaid Long-Term Care Financial And Statistical Report03/26/2024Upon Receipt
IL 2571-MC-FFS Reporting New Or Closing Home And Community-Based Services (Hcbs) Settings03/22/202403/17/2024
IL 2569-MC-FFS Iowa Hhs Invites Providers To Take Crisis Situation Survey03/14/2024Immediately
IL 2564-MC-FFS Avastin® (Bevacizumab) Billing03/08/202401/01/2023
IL 2561-MC-FFS April 2024 Competency-Based Training (Cbt) Announcement02/28/2024Upon Receipt