Informational Letters

Iowa Medicaid publishes provider bulletins called Informational Letters (ILs) that are necessary to clarify and explain new and existing programs and policy. All ILs published after Aug. 15, 2016, include a modifier after the IL number that designates which program(s) the IL applies to. The modifiers are: MC for Managed Care, FFS for Fee-for-Service, D for Dental, and CVD for Coronavirus Disease.

The latest 10 Informational Letters appear below. To access other Informational Letters, use the search box, or perform an advanced search by clicking "Search Provider & Program Key Words/Year". To view all COVID-19 related Informational Letters, choose “COVID-19” under “Provider Topics.”

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Iowa Medicaid Informational Letters


Letter # NameIssue DateEffective DateReplaced By
IL 2533-MC-FFS Administration Of Anesthesia12/01/202305/01/2023
IL 2534-MC-FFS American Rescue Plan Act (Arpa) Home And Community-Based Services (Hcbs) Grant Update12/01/2023Upon Receipt
IL 2528-MC-FFS-D Support Act Section 5042(E)(1)(A) Reporting Requirements Survey For Federal Fiscal Year (Ffy) 202312/01/2023Immediately
IL 2512-MC-FFS Two-Tiered Hospice Payment And Service Intensity Add-On (Sia)12/01/202310/01/2023
IL 2531-MC-FFS Member Cost Sharing Limits11/30/2023Upon Receipt
IL 2530-MC-D Hhs Announces Intent To Award New Dental Care Contracts11/30/202311/13/2023
IL 2525-MC Electronic Visit Verification (Evv) – Home Health Care Services (Hhcs) Implementation11/30/202310/01/2023
IL 2524-MC-FFS Firesafe Cannula Valve Coverage11/30/202311/01/2023
IL 2535-MC-FFS-D January 2024 Iowa Medicaid Pharmacy Program Changes11/29/202301/01/2024
IL 2537-MC-FFS-D Hhs New Website Launch And Content Changes11/28/2023Immediately