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 What Happens Next

  • When you ask us to end your support, we send a request form to all parents to sign. Parents must agree in writing to end the support amount.
  • Once we receive all request forms and the basic criteria are met, we send the affidavit to the parents to sign and have notarized. All signatures on the affidavit must be notarized.
  • After we receive the signed and notarized affidavits, we send a Notice of Decision to the parents telling you what action we will take to end the support order.
  • If we deny the request to end support, we end the process and take no further action. When we deny your request, you may not be able to request another Suspension of the same order for another two years. But you could still contact a private attorney or ask the court to end the support yourself.
  • If we accept your request to end support, we submit the order to the judge for approval and filing with the court. Support is temporarily ended as of the date the Suspension order is filed with the court. The support is permanently ended six months later unless someone asks us to reinstate it. Current support is not due during the six-month period the order is suspended. However, if you owe back support, you must continue to make payments on that back support.

 Reinstating the Order

 Before the order is permanently ended, if the situation has changed, a parent may
 request in writing to have the support order reinstated or we may ask the court to
 reinstate it. To ask us to reinstate the order, complete the form Reinstatement Request.

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