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 The Child Support Estimator is a tool you can use to estimate your child support amount.
 The amount is based on the Child Support Guidelines developed by the Iowa Supreme

 PLEASE NOTE: This estimator is for informational purposes only. The amount of child
 support and medical support the court will approve for any particular case may differ
 from the amount estimated by the calculator. Many factors affect the amount of child
 support and medical support.

 The Child Support Estimator assumes all children primarily live with one parent. It is
 not intended to apply to situations where there is joint physical care (the children
 spend half their time with each parent) or split custody (each parent has custody of
 one or more of the children).

 Before you use the estimator it may be helpful to have the following information

  • The amount of money you and the other parent earns every month before taxes, including the amount of alimony received, if applicable.

  • The monthly amount your employer and the other parentís employer takes out for federal and state taxes, for Social Security and Medicare deductions, for union dues and mandatory pension.

  • A copy of all court order(s) showing the amount of current support you are ordered to pay or receive.

  • A copy of all court order(s) showing the court ordered number of overnight stays the noncustodial parent has with the children, which you are calculating support for. If the court ordered joint physical care, the extraordinary visitation credit does not apply.

  • The health insurance premium costs for you and the other parent. You need to know the costs for both the single and family plan.

 If you donít have all this information, you can still use the estimator. The more
 information you have, the closer you can come to estimating support correctly.


Your actual child support amount may vary from
the results provided by these estimators.

To see how much your child support might be, go to
Child Support Estimator