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 The Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU) provides child support services that
 include changing a child support amount. To receive these services, you must be
 our customer. To apply for services, go to Applying for Services.

 Important Information

 When you ask to change the order, the amount of current support may go up, go down,
 or stay the same. Past due support is not changed.

 When changing support, we can’t address visitation and custody issues. Talk
 to a private attorney about these issues. Note: Since the CSRU attorney does not
 represent either parent, you may choose to get your own attorney, or you may
 represent yourself.

 The person asking for a change may have to pay for costs of serving the forms on
 the other parent or other fees charged by other states for completing the process.
 Service fees in Iowa are often $30 or more for each person served. Serving
 someone in another state often costs $65 or more.

  • When a change is requested, it may take several months to get it done. The length of time varies depending upon how difficult it is to locate a necessary party and verify income or assets.
  • If another state is involved, it may take longer to complete the process. Another state may be involved if the order was entered in another state or if one of the parents lives in another state.

 To find out more about ways to modify your order, click on the underlined words below.

      Review and Adjustment

      (Used when the order is more than 24 months old or needs medical support

      Administrative Modification

      (Used for special circumstances like adding a child, 50% change in net
      income, etc.)

      Cost-of-Living Alteration

      (Used when the order is 24 months old and includes medical support
      provisions. The amount changes according to cost-of-living changes.)

 To find out more about ways other states modify orders, click on the underlined words

      Other states' websites