Iowa's Employer Child Support Website
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Last year employers sent more than $248 million in child support payments to Iowa children. THANK YOU!

This website provides employers a secure way to:

  • Make child support payments
  • Receive child support forms electronically
  • Report newly hired and rehired employees
  • Report employee terminations

Questions? Employers call 877-274-2580 or email

If you have employees with child support questions, they can get more information about our services, including payment information, by calling the child support automated information line at 888-229-9223 or go online to

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On August 15th the following updates to improve functionality for making payments will be in place:

  • Payments will no longer be able to be scheduled and approved separately. All payments will be submitted without the need for approval. Users will select Submit Payment.
  • The Payment Approver role is changed to Payment Submitter. Payment Submitters and Administrators may submit payments.
  • The Payment Scheduler role has been eliminated. Users whose role was Payment Schedulers will not be able to submit payments or view any payments. If a user should be allowed to submit payments, please change the user role to Payment Approver before August 15th or after August 15th to Payment Submitter, or Administrator.