Welcome to the OASIS Assessment
Here's how the OASIS assessment works
We will ask you a few questions about your household and evaluate your answers to see what services you might be able to receive from the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS). You need to enter correct information about the members of your household so we can make the best recommendations to you.
At the end of your assessment, you can apply for Food Assistance (FA), the Family Investment Program (FIP) and Child Care Assistance (CCA).
The information you enter is confidential. If you do not want to apply for any programs, your information will be deleted at the end of your assessment. You can always apply for any service provided by DHS. Your OASIS assessment results will only tell you what you or your household might be able to receive. You must submit an application for services and may have to meet with us to determine your actual eligibility.
How to use this web site
Do not use the Forward, Back, or Stop buttons at the top of your screen. Instead, use the buttons on the bottom of each page of the application.
Drop down
A drop down box contains a list of possible options. To see the list, click on the down arrow. You should choose the best option that will answer the corresponding question.
The Next button will save your information on the page and move you to the next page.
The Back button will take you to the previous page. Your information on the current page may not be saved and may have to be re-entered.
Quick Tips
This portion of the screen will contain more information about the questions we ask and helpful tips to help you complete an assessment and/or your application.
Click on a program name for more information about the program
Food Assistance
Family Investment Program
Child Care Assistance
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