Important information when applying and what to expect
What you need to do
Step 1. Answer the questions
Anyone can submit an application. The minimum required information for a valid application is your name, address, and your signature. However, the more information you provide and the fewer questions we have to ask when we get your application, the faster you will get your benefits. You are able to stop and save your application so that you may finish it at a later date. Look for the Save and Finish Later button. If you need help, call us. A link to find your county DHS office phone number is next to the red telephone on each page.
Step 2. Submit your application
Make sure that you submit your application. When your application is submitted, you will see a page that says "Your application is submitted". You should print that page as proof of your submitted application. The date you submit your application is your official application date unless our offices are closed, then your official application date is DHS's next business day.
Step 3. Gather your documents for proof
At the end of your application, you will get a list of documents that you need to get to prove your information. If you need help getting a document, tell your DHS worker.
Your application will be assigned to a worker
A DHS worker will call or send you a letter to check your information. Most of the time, this will happen within 10 days and sooner if you are applying for Emergency Services - Food Assistance. You may need to have an in-person interview or a telephone interview. Your DHS worker will let you know what is needed.
All of the information you enter is confidential. If you decide to cancel your application, all of your information is deleted.
Quick Tips
Social Security Number information
  • We can give help only to people who give us their SSN or proof of application from the Social Security office. You don’t have to give us the SSN for people in your household who you do not want help for, but you can choose to give us their SSN. However, we will use any SSN given to us the same way we use the SSN of people getting assistance.
  • We will deny assistance to the people for whom you do not give us a SSN. There are some exceptions. Please ask your DHS worker.
  • We will not give any SSN to the Citizenship and Immigration Service.