How to use this web site
Do not use the Forward, Back, or Stop buttons at the top of your screen. Instead, use the buttons on the bottom of each web page.
Any text marked with a red asterisk (*) is required and you must enter something to proceed. Other items to be aware of are :
Drop down
A drop down box contains a list of possible options. To see the list, click on the down arrow. You should choose the best option that will answer the corresponding question.
The Next button will save your information on the page and move you to the next page.
The Back button will take you to the previous page. Your information on the current page may not be saved and may have to be re-entered.
Save and finish later  
The Save and Finish Later button will save your application so that you can finish at a later date. You have 30 days to complete an application. Remember to write down your assigned application number that is displayed when you save your application and your PIN.
Submit incomplete application  
The Submit Incomplete Application button will move you to the pages you need to sign your application for submission. There are several pages of legal text that are shown before the signature page. Your application is not valid until you see the page titled "Your application is submitted".
Quick Tips
  • This area of the page has tips and extra information about the questions on the page. If you don't understand a question, look in this area first for help.
  • A link to our phone number and office hours is next to the red telephone on every page.
  • You can call us with a question or ask us to help you complete your application. We are here for you.