How do I apply for help?
The Department of Human Services (DHS) has many programs that may help you and your family. Review the programs listed below and select the programs based upon your needs. The application process will ask questions based upon the programs that you select. Do not apply for programs you already receive.

Who's the head of household? Or person asking for assistance
* Your legal name
First name MI Last name Suffix
* Home address    Apt
* City * State * ZIP
  Mailing address    Apt
  City      State   ZIP
  Primary telephone number () -                              Best Time to Call
  Other telephone number or cell  () -                    
  Birth date Social Security Number - -
* = required information

Quick Tips
Legally, you may submit your application as long as it contains the applicant’s name, address, and electronic signature. However, if you want your benefits faster, complete as much of the application as possible. The official application date is the date you submit the application. If our offices are closed, your official application date is DHS’s next business day. This is also the effective start date for Food Assistance.
Food Assistance in 30 days:
If you don't get Emergency Services - Food Assistance within 30 days of your official application date, you will get Food Assistance if you are eligible or a letter telling you why you are not eligible. Click here for more information on Food Assistance - Emergency Services.
All other programs:
We will send you a letter telling you if you will get help or not within 30 days of the date we get your application.