Tell us about your bills
To get the most Food Assistance, you can tell us about your bills
Your amount entered may be changed to a monthly amount for our internal use. See the Quick Tips for how we make the change.
Amount Per
Lot rent
If you pay taxes or insurance separate from your mortgage, list amounts below.
Property taxes
Homeowner's insurance

Check the utility bills you have

Check here if you are on low rent housing
Quick Tips
  • These numbers should represent the expenses for all persons that eat together. If someone does not eat with you, but splits expenses, don't include their portion in these numbers.
  • You may include any medical expenses not covered by insurance such as doctor and hospital bills, health insurance premiums, medicine, transportation, or other medical services.
  • How your amount may be changed.

  • Your Entry What Happens
    Every Week We mulitply the amount by 4 for our use
    Every Two Weeks We multiply the amount by 2 for our use
    Once a Month The amount remains the same
    Every six months We divide the amount by 6 for our use
    Every Year We divide the amount by 12 for our use
    No entry We count the amount as monthly and the amount remains the same